Assorted Pharma Gummies (100mg) 5pcs


THC Gummy ingredients

Non medical ingredients :

Sugar, water, apple juice, pear juice, orange juice, grape juice, papaya purée, animal based gelatine, citric acid, Ascorbic acid, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, fumaric acid, tricalcium phosphate,  natural and artificial colours, natural and artificial flavours, propylene glycol, mineral oil, vegetable oil

*may contain traces of nuts, and other allergens

Medical ingredients :

Pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin, 1:1 blend indica and sativa cannabis.

Genetics : 50/50 (1:1)

Death Star Indica :  22.27 % THC
0.06% CBD

Green Crack Sativa : 19.0 % THC
0.20% CBD

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