Dosidos Quad**** (7g) quarter oz


Dosido or Do-Si-Dos is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which shares a lot of its best qualities with the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain. You will recognize the bud structure, the trichomes, and the hairs that cover GSC when you look at its child, Dosidos. The flavor is probably the most important part of this strain, which it definitely inherited from GSC. This makes it a perfect strain to get your trusty flower vaporizer out for. Enjoy both Indica and Sativa effects as you relax and feel euphoric at the same time.

This strain is also sometimes called Dosey Do, Girl Scout Cookies Do Si Dos, Cookie Face strain, Peanut Butter strain, or Raspberry Cookies strain.

Dosido genetics

It’s hard to say which seed bank or breeding company originally came up with the idea of Dosido. Thankfully, however, Dosido’s parent strain is well-documented:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Face-Off OG strain

GSC is an exceptional strain known around the world. The face-Off strain is known for being a strong OG Kush Phenotype. Thus, a lot of people call Dosido something like Dosido OG. Some breeders have even gone as far as to remake Dosido but with one of the even more popular GSC phenotypes, such as Thin Mint Cookies or Platinum Cookies.


Dosido THC Levels

This is where this strain really excels. If you know anything about weed, you will know that OG Kush is often used for its exceptionally high THC percentage. This is why many breeders use it and/or its THC-heavy relatives to create a dankenstein. Dosido is no different. The average balanced hybrid has around 13% THC, whereas the average Dosido strain has a whopping 24% THC levels. The stronger phenotypes can sometimes test at 30%, which is amongst the highest THC percentages available in buds. Now that you know this, please exercise caution if you’re a relatively new stoner. This strain can truly knock your socks off.

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