Memberberry **(outdoor) (14g)


Member Berry is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis (70% indica 30% sativa) grown outdoors naturally, no fertilizers and definitely packs a punch. Member Berry has garnered quite the following after its namesake, the Member Berries, became a recurring bit on South Park in recent years. Member Berry’s award-winning genetics are a combination of Skunk Berry and Mandarin Sunset. This potent cross produces a few different phenotypes which yield pretty large quantities. Member Berry consistently tests for THC concentrations that average at 24%, with an unknown CBD concentration.

Member Berry plants are a bit varied, as the strain can present as a few different phenotypes. Largely, these buds are bright green in color with darker forest green accents. You should expect thick orange pistils to be present in your buds, winding their way from the inside to the surface of these nugs.

These buds produce an incredibly sweet aroma that will lure you to the bong from across the room. Users have reported scents of fruit, citrus, and occasionally a bit of sweet skunk emanating from these wonderful flowers. The flavor is quite similar, though a bit lighter on the palate than it is on the nose. These plants produce anywhere between 60-80 grams per square foot of plant material, with some taller phenotypes stretching beyond the average Indica plant height.

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